Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 Gratitude Festival Day #2: Ellen Snow Rich

Two weeks ago, our new niece, sweet Ellen Snow Rich, made her way into the world and into our hearts. Nothing beats a brand new baby! Sweet Ellen makes 24 nieces and nephews for Burke and I and we love them all to pieces. Several are now married and have entered the grownup world (how did this happen?), two are on LDS missions exploring the far corners of the globe, a handful are high school dinamos, a couple of them are triumphantly conquering the throws of middle school, and as a family we are single handedly preparing a small army within the ranks of several elementary school classrooms. The brightest and most sassy are currently rockin pre-k and baby Ellen is easily the cherry on top. Burke and I spent the night eating soup and apple crisp with Ellen's big brother John and her parents and could not have had a better time. Babies! Nothing in this world beats a new baby. The gooshy armpits. The tuffs of feather like hair. The squeaks and gurgles and wandering gazes. The smells. All sorts of perfection wrapped up like a burrito. One time...we hope sweet baby Ellen will have a few more playmates and cousins to pal around with. Until then...we've got plenty of love to spread around the other 24. I read this quote by Robert Gay today and think it's got Ellen's name and all her Rich And Robinson companions written as all over it:
"Let this one absolute truth sink into your mind and have the power within you to astonish this world." Grateful for the chance to watch this magic unfold. Grateful for our siblings and their extraordinary children. Forever grateful to be Aunt Liz and Uncle Burke.

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