Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014 Gratitude Festival Day 1: Blankets of Falling Leaves in My Backyard.

Ahhh…November…I just love you! The nutmeg. The sweaters. The bowls of steamy soup and fresh baked bread. The extra blankets at the foot of the bed. Lingering pumpkins now transformed on front porches and fireplace mantles….and the collective focused energy and attention given to counting up ones blessings. 2014 marks the third year of my personal gratitude festival recorded both here on facebook and on my blog Love em’ or hate em’ here goes….

Nov 1 – What I am thankful for today:

The blanket of copper, yellow, golden rod, and burnt sienna leaves now happily resting in my back yard. These leaves were once firmly attached to those trees and once the last one falls we will think about bagging them up but for now…I love this sight. Life in the red brick duplex has been terrific in so many ways and without question watching the seasons change outside my kitchen window will absolutely make the list. Love the color. Love the texture. Love the diversity. Love the random patter that only nature can provide. Not really loving the idea of bagging all of these up…but that will be addressed at a later time. Today, I am grateful for falling leaves and purposeful gusts of wind.

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