Sunday, November 9, 2014

2014 Gratitude Festival Day #3: My Personal Geek Squad

Over the last 24 hours, I've experienced a modern day scare of epic proportions. My trusty Macbook Pro of five years...the machine that powered my entire graduate program, facilitated the last leg of my professional career and has archived all personal communication, documents, photos and music for the last five years.... killed....blanked out...froze....choked....sputtered and then would not reboot. This version of modern day paralysis is...well terrifying. Lucky, I married a super nerdy computer guys who in addition to his real career is a moonlighting member of "THE Geek Squad." I knew it was serious when he started prepping me as to the possible fatality of my information and called in equally nerdy brother Sam for back up. I've now witnessed what happens when "The Geek Squad"...calls in "the Geekier Squad." After some brainstorming and an exchange of nerdy words and acronyms that I could not follow or understand a multi-tiered action plan was established, extra parts and cables were purchased and fueled by a plate of chicken, pasta and broccoli my personal IT team went to work with me hopefully ringing my hands near by. As luck would have it, everything came back to life after their first intervention and I'm back in business. WHEW! Once we found signs of life these two nerdy bookends proceeded to debate and discuss the merit of all actors who have ever played James Bond (for like the million-eth time) and then ranked the quality of James Bond theme songs singing selected verses... And in a variety of voices and accents. All in a days work. All information and files are currently be transfered to a magical spot on "the cloud." All things have returned to normal. And I think I'll be able to breath again. Grateful for a quick and mostly painless recovery process. Grateful for technology as a whole. Grateful for my personal Geek Squad(s) and their ability to valiantly rescue a damsel in serious distress.....oh, and for the record.... I vote for Roger Moore...and its a tie between "For Your Eyes Only" and "Gold Finger."

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