Thursday, December 26, 2013

November 2013 Daily Gratitude Posts

November is perhaps my most favorite month of the entire year.  At the eleventh month mark you can pretty much decide how the year will round out. I believe in the law of the harvest….you know….a planting season followed by a reaping season….a time to laugh, a time to cry. Wheat. Grain. Prosperity. The spiritual and tangible sifting of chaff and grain. The rich scents, spices and flavor of the harvest wafting in the air as bowl after bowl of hearty soup are enjoyed and gas station hot chocolate flow uninhibited day after day. Sweaters worn and scarves tied for both fashion and purpose.  I secretly cheer when I see a collection of pumpkins in November -those that have victoriously survived the Halloween season and are now proudly decorating mantles and front porches helping us transition from a holiday of ghouls to the holidays of generosity. A solid month of gratitude ending in a feast of carefully seasoned poultry, mashed potatoes AND pie….YES, PLEASE….I will have some.

As is my tradition….thus begins a month full of daily posts highlight the things I am most grateful for….AND…for those who consider these gratitude posts cornball and cheesy  (I’m talking about you John Lyman) feel free to skip right on by…counting up ones blessing is good for the heart and soul….and I’ll still love you anyway….

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