Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day of Gratitude #19 – Pandora Internet Radio

Do you remember the time when if you wanted to listen to music you had to carry a Disc Man and a trapper keeper-esk binder of your favorite CD's….and before the Disc Man…the Walkman and a series of Memorex tapes? Do you remember those little zippered binders bouncing from your backpack to your car to your house…and always tossed into the luggage when traveling…heaven forbid you went without tunes on the road trip, right? They were bulky and awkward but toting them back and forth was the price we paid to have good music at our fingertips. Thankfully due to the invention of the inter webs GONE are the days of carrying around those cases. I love Pandora Internet Radio! I love the variety! I love the convenience! I love how its helps me learn about new types of music and performers! I love that I can listen in my house, in my car, on my phone! You need some soothing music at the office—DONE! You want to have a quick little dance party while doing the dishes –DONE! You want to enjoy a wide variety of related artists—DONE! Any genre…anytime…and no bulky binders full of CDs. LOVE IT! I can easily say that my little life is much richer because of my ability to access good music. God bless the brilliant men and women behind Pandora Internet Radio!

Pandora Internet Radio

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