Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day of Gratitude #21 – Warm Coats for Brisk Winds

It seems that in the last few days the weather in Salt Lake City has dropped. As of today, we’ve still only encountered non-committal snow fall but the wind is bone chilling. Today I’m grateful for both my scenic walk from the parking garage to my office AND my warm coat. It’s a short walk and its chuck full of nature and the beauty of the changing seasons and I’m grateful for it every day. As I tucked my scarf around my neck this morning, I realized how blessed I am. Last night, Burke and I drove past a Best Buy and saw a line of eager shoppers lined up outside the door waiting for some amazing discount on an unknown item. While I can appreciate their dedication to securing a bargain, I did question if the discount was worth it. These shivering consumers were standing outside, wrestling the bitter winds by choice. My next thought was all those who live outside all year round…I realize some are homeless by choice while many others are not. You know those men and women, teens and kiddos who may not have warm coats and toasty offices to enter. They must be freezing and I can only imagine what this change in weather brings into their lives. I love my scarfs and gloves and I’m grateful for my warm coat, office, car and home. This weekend, I’m intending to unpack boxes as we continue to set up house. I’m thinking it’s high time to re-evaluate my coat and sweater collection and I think I’d feel better if my unworn warm clothing could be put to better use. I think it’s high time I make a visit to my local shelter and share some of my extras. Grateful for what I have and that I’ve got enough to share.

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