Tuesday, October 15, 2013

With only 4 days left living in Texas…this is what we will miss….

(Facebook post September 28, 2013)

Day 4: FOOD a.k.a. yum yum’s….nosh…grub…sustenance….breakfast, lunch and dinner…here are the foods and restaurants we will miss most…in no specific order…

1. Liberty Burger – the onion rings will make you weep

2. Dream Café – great ambiance and breakfast is delicious

3. Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill – best service in Dallas and the Steak Crostini is almost worth staying in Texas for.

4. Hoffman’s Hots – we had no idea a hot dog could be so gourmet!

5. Burger Street – the Frozen Lemonade has been a summer time staple…so tart…so lemon-riffic!

6. Benedicts – their breakfast will blow your mind.

7. Chicken Scratch – great chicken + amazing biscuits in an family friendly outdoor amazement decorated like an upscale chicken coup complete with live music and misting fans…we love this place.

8. Eatzi’s – totally overpriced “she she” deli but oh so delicious…fresh buffalo mozzarella caprese salad, focaccia bread with olives and herbs and the chocolate mousse pie is worth every over priced penny.

9. Rudy’s – best darn gas station BBQ this side of the Mississippi…hunks of flavorful meats served on wax paper by the pound AND all you pickles you can handle.

10. SMOKE – makes me droll just thinking about it…the air outside the restaurant indicated that this IS the place where flavor lives. We have dined there for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have never been disappointed. This is the place we take out-of-town guests. This is the place we go to celebrate big wins and dine with friends. We suggest the ricotta cheese pancakes with thick sliced braised apricots or the brisket cornbread hash or the roasted turkey sandwich with THE most delicious blue cheese coleslaw or the duck egg tamale or the big rib or coffee rubbed brisket served two way…or let face it…even the water is delicious. We were thrilled to discover they have recently produced a cookbook, which will be making the move to Utah.

Honorable mention:

Phillip Manwaring Specialty Pie Shop and Shake Shack – Phillip’s careful attention to detail and flavor, his earnest dedication to quality ingredients and a pie-to-person ratio of 1.25 that this pie preaching economist demand has successfully secured permanent invitations for Mr. and Mrs. Manwaring to our Thanksgiving table…as if his never-ending pie panacea were not enough… on occasion if you are nice …this man will hand mix a mean milk shake like nobody’s business.

Dallas, Texas thank you for feeding us well.

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