Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What we will miss about Texas day 3: Faith

(Facebook post September 29, 2013)

We are clearly not going to miss our faith once we leave Dallas…but we will clearly miss the people who have strengthened our faith while we have been here. 

When we moved to Texas we did not know a soul. Needing to quickly select a place to live due to our moving timetable, we jumped online and committed to an apartment that was close to Burke’s work and close to the Dallas LDS temple. We secured a lease based on a quick geographic search and what we would later learn were quite outdated and generous photos. What we did know at the time was that we had selected THE world’s worst apartment complex BUT its location ensured that we became part of THE world’s best congregation of saints. In our church, the members have an opportunity to serve as teachers and in leadership roles as there is no paid ministry. This invitation has provided a sacred and refining opportunity for Burke and I to meet, mingle and become friends with so many incredible people who quickly welcomed us into their homes, their lives and their hearts. From day one, my service was focused on a group of the most dynamic and delightful teenage girls and Burke assisted the Bishop of our ward. Over the next three years, and throughout these service opportunities our faith has deepened, our hearts have healed, our abilities have been stretched, our understanding of Gods love for all has increased. We are better Christians because of our time in Dallas. Each year our church establishes a theme that they invite the youth to focus on. This year the theme comes from a verse of scripture: “Stand ye in Holy places and be not moved.” We feel we were carefully placed inside the Dallas 4th ward and our time in Texas has truly been a holy place for us. We feel so very blessed that out of all of the crappy apartments sprinkled throughout Dallas Texas we landed where we did. Dallas 4th Ward members, you are in our hearts forever!

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