Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What we will miss about Texas day 2: Friends

(Facebook post September 30, 2013)

Happy to report that as of 10:15 p.m. tonight 95% of our earthy treasures have been bubble wrapped, sorted and carefully tucked into cardboard boxes, rubber maid tubs and bulging duffle bags. A small army of friends arrived tonight to help us move and skillfully played tetris with all of our junk and now our little apartment is looking pretty empty. Tonight, we are a blend of melancholy and exhaustion. Without question, we are going to miss all of the people we have developed friendships with while living in Dallas. I consider myself a collector of people and in the last three years, I have forged lasting friendship with women old enough to be my grandmother, young enough to a daughter and everything in-between. Girl friends are just as powerful and essential to life as gravity and magnets. Burke took a break today and had lunch with one of his friends from work. He came back so happy and grateful for the impact positive people have had in our lives. Our souls have been nourished thanks to occasional trips to the comic book stores and museums, and movies enjoyed at Studio Movie Grill, thoughtful conversations about work and politics and science fiction and technology and zombies and shared meals…lots of stimulating and rejuvenating conversations over good food. This is what life is made of. Connecting to people in meaningful ways is why we slug through challenging jobs and lame projects. Recognizing that you are never alone in universe is a sustaining process and for us one that has been fortified time and time again as we have worked, played, served and survived. Last night, our BFF’s hosted a little going away party and my heart is still brimming with love. I would be lying if I did not admit that we are so excited to reconnect with our SLC network but I dream of a dining room table large enough to host all of our Utah and Texas friends. Burke would cook and I would putter around him. There would be great linens, homemade bread, a vase of colorful flowers and the conversations all of you would have together…now that would be priceless. One day this will happen and you’ll all be invited.

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