Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What we will miss about Texas day 5: WORK

(Facebook post September 27, 2013)

In 2010, both Burke and I finished graduate school and itchy for an adventure and change of scenery, we cast a wide net and found our way to Dallas. We came for teeth, we stayed for beer (Burke worked for a start up company that supported a technology for the draft beer industry) but we found professional fulfillment and purpose working for two non-profit organizations. My work at Big Thought provided a terrific education…of education. Supporting Dallas ISD teachers and students proved to be both an inspiring and an exasperating experience. From start to finish, I consider my time at Big Thought as a happy accident where I made friends and professional contacts that I will maintain for the rest of my life. Working on a national learning demonstration with the Wallace Foundation provided an invaluable opportunity for me to see first hand the potentials and challenges associated to public and private partnerships. I saw real world evidence of the academic concepts I studied while in graduate school and experienced the field of education with a Texas size lenses. As I continue to reflect upon the good, the bad and the ugly days I take away nothing but gratitude for my BIG Big Thought adventure.

Today was Burke’s last day at AVANCE Dallas and without question it was a melancholy drive home. His role as a head nerd and master problem solver in the business operations department allowed him an opportunity to apply his love for technology with his love for children and families…and he spoke Spanish all day…everyday. AVANCE provides early childhood education for both children and parents and Burke has been honored to be a part of ever growing Hispanic Renaissance throughout Dallas. His only regret is that we are leaving all too soon and he was not able to complete some of the long-term process improvements they have planned—that is the best kind of problem to have.

In both organizations, we have been gifted with talented leaders, mentors and friends who have helped to mold and shape our perspective of time, work, money, partnership, service, business, fund raising, education, integrity and hope. We are brimming with gratitude was we leave Texas after being blessed with amazing professional experiences and connections and will refer back to our time in Dallas for years to come. 

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