Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude Day #4 2012

I identified today’s thankful thought in a cinch…ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for….the grilled cheese sandwich! I am grateful for the creative hungry innovator who came up with this ingenious idea. Bread + Cheese + butter (don’t be a hater) + a hot surface = YUM and comfort all at the same time. 

I believe firmly in the power of grilled cheese. Its transformat
ive characteristics can both reduced hunger and soothed the soul. When coupled with soup (I always prefer tomato) this trusty toasted wonder adds depth and flavor while producing such a satisfying dunk.

When meat and dare I say seasonal vegetables and fancy pants condiments are added this simple sandwich it quickly becomes the upscale menu item known as a Panini. A Panini, with its complex additions and more extravagant cheese selections, could simply be considered the older cooler wiser big brother of the traditional grilled cheese… you know the type…the one you hope to grow up to be like one day. Its younger yet loveable sibling, the open faced grilled cheese, is best made in a toaster oven by my Grandma Parker in her kitchen and when she is wearing a colorful housecoat and string of pearls. However, since this sweet lady has passed and many may not be able to experience this true display of culinary affection, I invite you to reach out to a friend or loved one and try to recreate this exact scenario if you want to experience its true healing and restorative powers.

It’s a perfect combination of crispy bready cheesiness and I’ll gladly pledge my allegiance to grilled cheese any day.

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