Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude Day #3 2012

Today, while cleaning out a few more boxes as part of our move to a new and improved apartment, I found a box of mixed tapes dating back to 1992. I am grateful for mixed tapes...what they meant to a generation, the time they took to create factoring in the caveman like technology that was available at the time, and the powerful messages that were communicated by both giving an
d receiving a mixed tape. I don't have a way to play or listen to any of these historical artifacts of my youth as we don't own a tape player but I just seem to part with them. Long live the Memorex cassette tape and all it stands for! A generation of thirty somethings would not be the same without them.

An interesting side note...I also found the 1994 Taylorsville High School Concert Choir recording of Mozart’s Requiem.... good times.... brought back a flood of memories of a sea full of girls with permed hair wearing hateful purple dresses with tasteless white lace collars.

Long live mixed tapes and Norm Wendell.

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