Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude Day #19 2011

Grateful for the ending of a full week and the knowledge that a huge project for work is almost finished. Grateful for the long hours and hard work of my staff. Grateful to be able to leave early from work and have enough time to wrap up a few loose ends before Burke and I boarded an airplane for a much needed trip to SLC. Grateful for the kindness of a good friend who drove us to the airport. Mostly grateful for our generous Thanksgiving benefactors who have financed the much needed trip home. A bit overwhelmed by the love we feel for those who contributed funds to ensure we could reconnect with loved ones far and near. Had no idea how much my heart needed a Salt Lake fix until we landed. Grateful we arrived safe and sound. Grateful to see the snow covered mountains and the tree lined streets of my youth. Grateful for a good night rest in a warm bed on Normandie Circle.

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