Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude Day #16 and #17 2011

Grateful for NPR and smart phones - a double whammy. My car radio any every other radio dial that I have had stewardship over has been tuned to NPR for the last 18 years of my life. Steve Inskeep, Renee Montang, Ira Glass, Terry Gross, Robert Siegal, Melissa Block, Neal Conan, Carl Castle, Doug Fabrizio (a SLC favorite) and the sweet squeaky voice of Ms. Diane Rehm ring loudly in my heart and head. These NPR journalists have not just delivered the news-they have been thought provoking teachers and faithful friends. Hearing their consistent voices present, discuss, and debate current events and news topics on my morning commute, throughout the day, and on my way home has helped provide an educated structure to my thoughts and has inspired me to think differently in many ways. Thank you driveway moments, you have helped to secure my place in the news junkie world.

I am equally grateful for smart phones. When I met Burke I had what I thought was a pretty good phone. Little did I know how my world would change with the implementation of a little hand held device. Since I met Burke (4+ years ago) I have owned three Smart Phones. I am often amazed as how fast I can access information, entertainment, and instantly communication by way of my phone. It takes great photos, keeps track of endless amounts of data, serves as a socially acceptable babysitter for a grown woman, and fits so nicely in my hand. This girl is grateful for the ability to access and share information. Tonight I am grateful for the power of public radio and the technology of smart phones.

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