Saturday, October 4, 2014

100 Happy Days...Part 4

Day #32 - July 9, 2014 

Day #32 – July 10, 2014 
“I just can’t get enough…I just can’t get enough.” My favorite time of day at my favorite scenic spot with two of my favorite people.
 — with Sam Robinson and Burke M Rich.

Day# 33 - July 11, 2014 

Day #34 and #35 – July 13, 2014
Let's get real...cookie dough is often far better than baked cookies...AND...this little phrase really hit me hard today...I modified it a bit because I'm a's a good one..."But, undaunted still she trusted in her Heavenly Fathers care"...

Day #37 – July 15, 2014
Let’s talk snow cones. Today, while battling the blaze of the afternoon sun, I was handed a Styrofoam cup piled high with ice crystals and dripping with a sticky red goo. What is it about our connection to frozen water paired with sweet liquid? People all over the globe are downing this combination in a variety of forms and it does not matter your age, culture or temperament…ice and sugar water just kind of hit the spot. On Tuesdays afternoons, I hang with six of my favorite sweaty faced kiddos and today’s adventure ended at a snow cone shack….or is it SNO cone…or it is Shave Ice…or it is Shaved Ice? Cup after cup went through a little window and dollar after dollar provided gulp after gulp of instant refreshment…and sticky hands and faces. Do you mix your flavors? Do you prefer this summertime treat in a paper cone or in a cup? For me…it’s Tigers Blood every time and I always prefer the cup with a straw as it last longer and the final few gulps don’t taste like soggy paper. Some people prefer the Slurpee when seeking a quick brain freeze and I have to admit there is a special place in the heaves for the Slurpee, but for me…if I can’t have a Popsicle (which is always my first choice)…I’ll take a snow cone any day. Totally not needed. Total indulgence. Totally messy. Totally delicious.

Day #38 - July 16, 2014 

Day #39 - July 17, 2014 

Day#40 – July 18, 2014
Some of the best people I know I met in prison and I'm not even joking. In 2006, I was invited by my church to volunteer at a youth correctional facility and work with incarcerated teens. I served in this capacity for close to four years and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Tonight, I reconnected with many of the people we served with at a little wedding celebration for our friend 
Heidi J. Alder and her new husband Adam. Not only was this a beautiful event for a great couple, it was a great celebration of friendship and faith. My understanding of service, fellowship, redemption, forgiveness, atonement, faith and hope grew ten fold while working alongside these people and with these young men. Forever gratefulLorne JensenMalen EarlStephanie Smith M Chris SchwartzCynthia PeckhamNancy Hammond Kehl Gary Kehl, Scott W. RobertsonAlicia Peterson RichCraig Rich, Dennis Gay and handful of others for teaching me about true Christian service. I think gained far more from this experience that any if the boys we served. Congrats to the happy couple and thanks for the sweet friendship!

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