Sunday, August 17, 2014

100 Days of Happy...Part 2

Day #11
Check this out...inside a hanging flower planter on a friends patio lives a very hip mama bird who is determined her little chicks begin life surrounded in beauty and color. If I were a mama bird this is totally how I'd roll. 

The NPR smarty pants are not the only ones who do a little science on Fridays. Happiness is watching a handful of kiddos apply the scientific method as the explore the properties if buoyancy. A role of tin foil, a hand full of pocket change, a tub of water and there you have it. "The bigger the boat...the better it floats..." Nothing like sneaking in a little learning in the back door. 


Day #13
Before my Dad died, about 25 years ago, while browsing treasures at a near by thrift store he scored a Kitchen Aid mixer. With a little tinkering and time he rebuilt the motor and this baby has worked like a charm ever since. Hundreds of batches of bread and thousands of cookies have are the result. They don't make this color anymore and knowing that it sits ready on my counter makes me happy. 

Day #14
Paint...and specifically in primary colors. A little red + a little blue + a little yellow + a tiny bit of white blended and mixed and swirled then blended one more time = happiness. 



Day#15 Dragons that snap. 

Day #16 
Some may think that this enormous structure was funded, designed and erected to house the award winning University of Utah football team…but let’s get real…the best use of this beautiful building is to provide a safe space for pre-school soccer games. As luck would have it, today I got to watch my darling and may I say very talented almost five-year-old nephew play in his first soccer game. GO BEE’S! There were parents and giggles and juice boxes and high fives a plenty…a few confused looks and a few alligator sized tears. Best part was watching the swarm of kiddos hover around the ball kicking and jumping and squealing without a solid sense of direction while three little girls, also team members and BFF’s, twirled, hugged each other and held hands as they ran the length of the mini-field. Loved the excitement. Loved the effort. Loved watching my brother-in-law and his mini-me share in the sheer joy of the game. Pre-school soccer games can easily be considered happy thoughts. GO BEE’S!

Day #17 
Yesterday morning, on my way into an appointment, I was stopped in my tracks by this very determined garden snail. How rare is this image? How bold! How brave! Oh, the determination and courage demonstrated by this valiant creeping creature. This little guy has been on my mind ever since. I’m not entirely sure of the actual brain size of your ordinary garden snail…and for that matter…do they actually have conscious thoughts? Did he know where he was going? Did he know what he was risking? Had he planned out his trip? Had he said goodbye to his next of kin never knowing if he would return? Had he weighed the pro’s and con’s of his journey and decided…”what the hell! I’m going for it! I’m going to make my way across a sidewalk in the light of day….a place where human walk mindlessly…and I don’t even care who watches! Sometimes you’ve just got to take action!” This brave little garden creature taught me a bit about being bold in the face of possible danger. As I stopped to watch him make his way from point A to point B, I could not help but marvel and celebrate the sheer willingness to venture out into the unknown towards…progress? lunch? home?....or perhaps just something or someplace different. The older I get the more I realize that it takes guts to do hard things…to venture out…well done, little snail….well done!

Day #18

This afternoon, while talking with a good friend, she shared the following statement that should be meme-ed or toll painted or vinyl-ed or cross-stitched or something-ed somewhere…since I’m not into those other forms…I’ll post…“A flower does not look sideways, it just blooms.” 

Utah Arts Festival. Perfect weather. Perfect company. Decent carnival eateries. Excellent people         watching. Endless creativity. Perfect Friday Night.    

Day #20
One trip to Costco, one trip to the grocery story, two movies streaming on Netflix, a sink full of dishes and five hours later we created twenty-four crock-pot freezer meals. Each one measured, labeled and ready to go. Today was an exercise in the domestic arts and time well spent with Alaura Robinson. Here’s hoping the Lemon Garlic Chicken, Chicken & Gravy, Fiesta Chicken Soup, Pepper Steak, Cubed Steak & Carrots, Balsamic Steak, Chicken & Dumplings, Marinated London Broil, Honey Romano Pork chops, Green Chili Pork Tacos, Beef Stroganoff and Taco Soup turn out. If we’ve done our math right…we just created around 72 meals for around $3.00 each. Quick and tasty meals are happy thoughts. 

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