Sunday, August 17, 2014

100 Days of Happy...Part 1

Day #1
And….we’re back! It’s been years since my trusty Altima rolled into Liberty Park on a Monday morning in preparation for the YouthCity summer camp...the sun was shining….my NPR BFFs were sharing the latest and greatest news from around the world…my blue Nalgene water bottle iced and ready to go….the shadows from the sun peaked through the leaves creating flashes of light that welcomed me....home....all as I rounded the duck pond, took a quick right and parked in my normal spot. All things have returned to normal. First day was a dream. Morning meeting full of introductions….lots of wiggly excited anticipation...loved every second of it. Met some new kiddos and we started mask-making class. Does it get better? I left the park and made my way up the canyon to my favorite swimming spot for an afternoon spent in the restorative waters of the Cliff Lodge…yes, please! Oh, how I love the smell of sunscreen….soaking in the pool below a stunning display of snow capped mountains standings resolute and without effort simply reminded me that God is good and kind and generous….add in some heartfelt conversations with trusted girl friends and we have successfully kicked off Summer 2014! Perhaps not perfection for all but for me…today was evidence that moving back to Salt Lake City was in fact one of THE best decisions we’ve ever made. I am amazed at how different I feel today compared to last year at this time. So grateful for the opportunity to change. Will forever love our years in Dallas but nothing beats a summer in Salt Lake City. Flip flops and sunscreen for days! Feels good to be home. Feels good to be back in Liberty Park. Feels good to feel good.‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day #2

Day #3
Just in case you were curious...a hot iron placed on a plastic table will burn...evidence of one of my all time favorite days....‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day #5
Late lunch at Eva’s Bakery in downtown Salt Lake City with a girl friend feasting on a Croque a.k.a. fancy pants name for open faced grilled sandwich. Crusty bread, thinly sliced tomatoes, broiled Gruyere cheese, a perfect amount of basil and green onion…dee-lish a.k.a. happiness on a plate…we split a chocolate croissant on our way out the door and I can’t recommend this treatment enough… next time you are in my home town check it out…….‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day #7
Lots of talk about fathers, and fatherhood, and fathering today. Lots of good men doing the best they can to love and serve and provide the best they can. Today my happy thought is this photo of my father at age five or six sitting triumphantly on a pony and tricked out like a cowboy. When I'm really honest there is more I do not know about my father than that which I do. He had an unquenchable curiosity and a brilliant mind. He was terribly creative and hardworking. He was complicated and kind. He liked to know how things worked and he made a mean potatoes salad. He loved us and like so many he did his best to protect and provide. One thing I do know, that can be evidenced by the photo below, he had happy child like moments and some were even on a horse...and today that is good enough.‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day #8
Sunflowers. Plain and simple sunflowers make me happy. ‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day #9
Shot outside my kitchen window with my cell phone and no filters. No more words necessary. ‪#‎100HappyDays‬

Day #10
What did you do at work today? Mask making with a great group of kiddos makes me very happy. ‪#‎100HappyDays‬

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