Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude Day #8 2012

Tonight, I am grateful for the chance I had, or perhaps I should say took, to make dinner. Probably seems like a simple thing to be grateful for but it felt good to empty my dishwasher, load it again, chop vegetables, boil pasta and enjoy all inside a clean, well lit, modestly spacious kitchen. 

My desire to cook, bake and test out new recipes pretty much came to a halt in our l
ast apartment as our shameful kitchen was just larger than a small hall closet and produced about one square foot of usable counter space. Y U C K! It was a patience building process for sure….and I think I actually failed more times than I didn’t. I love my new kitchen. I love my new space. I love my dishes. I love my cookbooks. I love my brightly colored set of nesting mixing bowls and overall I feel blessed to have the opportunity to cook for those that I love the most.

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