Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2014 Gratitude Festival Day #14 and #15...Adoption

Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? I'm not really sure who or what kind of committee gets to decide which month is assigned to each good and worthy cause (and to be honest, I’d like to get in on that action…but that is for another day) and without question, I think identifying November as National Adoption Month is incredibly appropriate. Over the last two years, Burke and I have read about and researched the process of adoption. We’ve participated in conference calls and webinars. We’ve attended informational meetings, training classes and conferences. We’ve sent email. We’ve made phone calls. We’ve met with dozens of birth Moms, adoptions agencies, and adoptive parents. And with each new bit of information and after listening to one story after another…we always end up in the same place….WOW, this whole messy, complicated, gut wrenching, nuanced, laborious, inspiring, and restorative process is not just life changing…it’s incredible… and you can’t really talk about adoption without touching on gratitude and landing at thanksgiving.
Without question…we are grateful for the last few years of focused study and for what we’ve learned. Grateful for the good people who have and continue to share THE most vulnerable parts of their lives with us so we can make better and more educated decisions about ours. Grateful for the courage and faith that fuels this dynamic process….adoption ain’t for sissies! Grateful for the countless demonstrations of kindness and generosity and love shared by total strangers who when they learn you are interested in adoption hug you so so tight then grab you by the hand and willingly share their adoption story reassuring you that you are not crazy and that you can and will actually survive the process. Grateful for how these perfect strangers become instant thought partners, cheerleaders, examples, resources...they are not just or only a community…they become family… as they buoy you up with hope and then happily help connect you with everyone in their adoption network. Grateful for those who trudge (and that is not too strong of a word) through the unknown emotional land mines connected to creating families…not through biology…but through kindness, sacrifice, faith, friendship, trust, love and a whole lot of hope. Grateful for new friends who are teaching me to hope and continue to shine light and truth into the dark emotional places that only infertility can create. Grateful that the State of Utah has successfully recognized Burke and I as “fit” and has issued us a Utah Foster Care License….hallelujah and hot Damn it’s finally official..SO Grateful we survived that a vetting process that makes the DMV look and feel like Disneyland. Grateful for birth Moms and bio Dad. Grateful for the legion of adoptive parents who make it look easy and freely admit that it wasn’t. Grateful that each day...with each article read, meeting attended and information exchanged…we are closer…just a tiny bit closer to our “one day” kiddos and our forever family.

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