Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014 Gratitude Festival Day #11: Frosty Windshields are for Lovers

So, it's quickly becoming winter in Salt Lake City and both socks and jackets are now required. We are not yet at the mitten or parka phase but we are close. Burke always leaves before I do in the morning and I'm normally racing out the door with my phone, jacket and overstuffed bag in one hand and my breakfast and keys in the other. Today, when I opened my front door, I was overcome with the bitter cold and this image....My lover generously scrapping frost off my windshield and car windows. Does it get any better? Such a sweet gesture. Such a sweet guy. Grateful I waited...he was well worth it. Grateful he loves me far better and more than I deserve. Grateful my frosty cold morning commute was much faster and far more pleasant than I had expected.

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