Saturday, October 4, 2014

100 Happy Days...Part 8

Day# 71 – August 20, 2014
My drive home from work today was absolutely stunning. Vibrant colors. Clear blue sky. Late summer perfection. I get home and decide to sit at my Grandmother patio table and paint for a bit. Again I think of how lucky I am. Then the cricket orchestra begins. The sky darkens. The temperature drops to a resting cool. I sit, lapping up the peace and contentment and stillness, and feel desperate to preserve this feeling like home made jam. Then, when it gets too dark and I begin to hear some thunder, I head inside and make the cardinal error of reading the news. What was I thinking? Are you kidding me? Within seconds my jaw has dropped. My heart is broken. My head is spinning. C'mon world....we have got to pull this together. Stop. Just stop. Stop with the crazy. Stop with the shootings. Stop with the rabid fighting. Stop. Take a big breath. Just stop it. So grateful I've found a little back yard sanctuary to escape to and so wishing others had the same. Sending up a few extra prayers tonight to those whose hearts are hurting. A good friend of mine frequently asks, "what would love do?" Hug the ones you love just a little longer tonight tonight and only read the news when you are good and ready. We need more peace and more summer night jam.

Day #72 – August 21, 2014
Zucchini...evidence that you have friends...and that those friends learned how to share. How many ways can these magical gourds be enjoyed? And are they actually gourds? What makes a gourd a gourd anyway? 

 Day #73 - August 22, 2014

Day #74 - August 23, 2014 

Day #75 - August 24, 2014

Day #76 - August 25, 2014 

Day #77 – August 26, 2014
Evidence that re-entry can be brutal! Hang in there little buddy...every little thing is gonna be alright. This is the second student I've caught sleeping on the couch that rests outside my office this's only Tuesday. I left my office to make some copies in the work room down the hall and found this either very sleepy or terribly depressed student taking a serious was not even 10:00 a.m. After I made my copies and started back down the hall he had sprawled out in the other direction with his face on his book. I think there was drool. Tried to snap a photo but then I saw his eyes moving...and I faked like I was reading a text because if not...that would just be weird. Today is only the second week of class. This is going to be an awesome semester! 

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