Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Me and Colonel Sanders

SO. I think its time I come clean. A few weeks ago, in a nocturnal state, Colonel Sanders himself approached me and asked me to join him as a special chicken consultant. It appears, accordingly to the reality of my dreams, the KFC king is in desperate need for someone to advise him as to the world famous eleven herbs and spices. While I was flattered by this invitation, I politely responded that I was gainfully employed and was not interested. He insisted I join his ranks. I inquired why he was reaching out to me….I am no chef…no herbalist. He simply stated that due to the amount of chicken I consume (which let's be honest is sizable) I could actually be considered a bit of an expert. I laughed and then snickered and then declined his offer. THEN this lovable American icon, told me in a very thick southern drawl that he was just going to put me on the KFC payroll just in case I changed my mind.

SO. According to my subconscious, I have been appointed by Colonel Sanders himself as an official chicken consultant and should you have any questions or concerns about flavored poultry products...go ahead and send them my way. Even as I’ve yet to see a dime from this finger licken’ offer I am happy to entertain the public. 

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