Thursday, December 26, 2013


Last night while curled up on my couch Burke and I watched the perianal classic White Christmas. Danny Kay, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and the other blond I can never remember sang and swooned over the idea of SNOW. They classic swooners sang in harmony and with a charisma that just does not seem to exist with modern day performers. They sang SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW! We went to bed prepared for a morning full of white and all of the weather reports were correct. SNOW! Beautiful white fluffy snow! I have to admit that I am completely surprised by how excited I am to see SNOW! My drive to work is not long or tricky but I kind of wish it was just a bit longer this morning because the snow covered trees were stunning. I felt the excitement of a seven year old child and my eyes were full of wonder. Each delicate branch carefully holding its proper amount of cold precipitation made for a beautiful sight. I thought about all of my teacher friends whose day instantly became trickier as distracted students will gaze outside instead of focusing on the assignment they have planned. I thought of my YouthCity friends whose day instant became both more fun AND more tricky with snow ball fights, snow angles and the never-ending search for missing boots and soggy miss-matched mittens. Will they serve hot coco and oatmeal for snack? Will the “how to be safe in the snow” talk happen today or tomorrow? I thought of my more senior friends and our newly licensed drivers….please please please more careful than you think you need to be. I thought about my Texas friends…you just don’t know what you are missing…come visit! My brief walk from the parking garage to my office this morning filled my little soul with joy. I’m totally confident that this childlike exuberance may end soon but I really hope it doesn’t….at least for a while. You just don’t get this kind of weather in the flat land of Texas. Without question, I totally get what Danny, Bing and sweet Rosemary were so excited about! SNOW! Good thing I work in a windowless office…or this day would be a total wash.

 White Christmas - SNOW

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