Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day of Gratitude #7 – Bacon + Brussels Spouts

Could you find a better pairing? I love Brussels sprouts and I just can’t trust anyone who does not love bacon…and together….well, how could you not think they are not the most delicious vegetable on the planet? The thing about Brussels sprouts is they are the epitome of adult food….or the food that as a child you would never choose to eat on your own and refuse to eat just on childhood principle but now as an adult you can easily consider simply divine.  Did you know that they are officially listed as plural as in Brussels sprouts not the singular Brussels sprouts? AND when referring to these happy little leafy bundles you should always capitalize the “B”…take that broccoli! Its’ true…look it up. Brussels sprouts do not suffer fools and I just really like that about them. They are not begging you to love them. They don’t care nor do they need your acceptance or praise. Upon close inspection you may discover that yes, they really do look like miniature cabbages but I have a sinking feeling they really DO NOT appreciate being minimized whatsoever! They are just fine all on their own thank you very much. Brussels sprouts grow strong and confidently in the garden and if personified Brussels sprouts would wear sensible shoes, thick glasses, ride the bus, donate to NPR without being coerced by the biannual pledge drives and I’m sure they would not own a television. I enjoy my Brussels sprouts roasted with just olive oil, salt, pepper and sometimes a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar. I like them best when they crisp up a bit and yet I enjoy them just as much the next day cold for lunch or a sophisticated afternoon snack. You rarely have to worry that someone will swipe your Brussels spouts from the lunchroom fridge which I personally appreciate…its like they have their own built in security system….so practical…so caring! I’ll happily eat them chopped in a salad or smothered a gratin style. And when Brussels sprouts are coupled with bacon…well, that makes for bowl full of culinary perfection and a very happy girl.   

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