Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day of Gratitude #17- The Sunday Afternoon Nap

Is there anything more magical, more restorative, more decadent, or more stabilizing than a Sunday Afternoon Nap? I'm choosing to capitalize it due to it's importance and value. Napping on a Sunday afternoon has become a necessary part if my schedule. I worship in the morning followed by a lunchtime snack or meal and then its off to dreamland. Sometimes I snooze on the couch afternoon falling asleep reading or watching TV. Other weeks I crawl back into bed without a hint of guilt. I don't need to sleep for too long but I do need sleep during the day once every seven days. Sunday Afternoon Nap reset my internal clock and I can feel a huge difference. I think babies and toddlers have figured it out...napping just makes the world a better place.

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