Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What we will miss about Texas Day #7

Exactly three years ago to the week, Burke and I were surround by cardboard boxes, friends and family members as we packed up all earthly belongings in anticipation to moving to the great state of Texas. We spent a few final days celebrating friendships with final trips to favorite restaurants and landmarks enjoying a series of gatherings with pockets of loved one who buoyed us up as we leaped into the unknown and moved to the middle of America. And now, after orbiting the sun three times, we find ourselves in the exact same place. Cardboard boxes from floor to ceiling, a list of final projects to complete, a few meaningful trips to our favorite eateries and oh….the sweet farewells with people who have quickly become family.

What a terrific adventure! Here’s to the final countdown….

Day 7: THE WEATHER. It has been no surprise that we have had a love hate relationship with the weather in Dallas. Right after we arrived a good friend told me it would take a few years for our bodies to acclimatize to the elevation, heat and humidity but in time we would come to enjoy it. This statement was both true and a bit false. In time we figured it out…just don’t go outside from about April to the end of September. Spend as much time as possible outside from October to the end of March. Last night, while enjoying a night at the ballpark, Burke and I both commented how lovely it was to be outside and noted that the fever of 2013 had finally broken. Thank you Dallas for letting us remember why people love living here. No need for a jacket, coat or mittens-ever. No need to scrape a frost covered window. Flip-flops and shorts all year round. Flowering plants and trees about ten months each year. Perennial outdoor dining…dining alfresco truly IS the best-o! We’ve come to love our snowless winters but look forward to crunching the autumn leaves under boots and closed toed shoes, actually needing to wear sweaters and coats and enjoying all evidence of all four seasons.

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