Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gratitude Day #8 2011

Kind Texans. Tonight, while driving home, just one block away from my house in the hood, my trusty Nissan (topic of a previous day of gratitude) slowly came to a stop right in the middle of an intersection. She just gave out-I think the old girl is getting tired. Lucky Burke and Sam quickly came to my rescue and we placed a call to AAA. Car was pushed through a busy intersection to safety and a tow truck was called-but, not before FIVE kind Texans stopped and offered to help. FIVE different people pulled over and asked how they could be of service within 20 minutes. One nice man even taught me that all cars have a special set of double blinkers than can be activated when in distress. I thanked him for sharing his insight and replied that they were on however since all power to my car was dead they were not working. HOW NICE ARE THESE PEOPLE? Today I am grateful for the kind offers to help by complete strangers. Hazard lights and AAA are pretty awesome as well. Currently taking wagers as to what is wrong with the car and how much I get to spend on repairs. YIPEE!

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